Following the revelation that Bob Mueller would be issuing no more criminal indictments, the homosexual Jewess Rachel Maddow went on national television Friday to cry about it. Talk about a pathetic display. This deranged woman has literally spent the past two years promoting every crazy conspiracy theory about this Russia hoax only to be proven 100 percent wrong.

A Twitter user posted a video of her laughing at Maddow crying over the situation. The video went viral eventually resulting in the user having their account suspended.

James Woods offered some insightful commentary on the situation.

Maddow and many of these other MSNBC hosts have been selling this Russia bullshit for so long that they’ve actually bought into their own bullshit. I don’t think these hosts will be able to psychologically handle this.

And the fact that Twitter suspended a user for laughing at Maddow is further proof that something needs to be done about these big social media sites. They are a cancer rotting away at our society. If you can’t laugh at a public figure who has made a fool of themselves, what type of real discourse can you have on these sites?