The big social media censorship news of the day was obviously the shut down of Alex Jones. But on top of the Jones fiasco, Twitter ended up banning the based conservative Negress Candace Owens for posting tweets mirroring anti-White posts from the evil dyke gook Sarah Jeong. All she did was substitute the words Jewish and black. She showed that you won’t get banned if you bash White people and revealed an obvious and inherent bias. She did eventually get her account reinstated along with an apology from Twitter.

While I disagree with Owens view that people shouldn’t be allowed to say so-called “racist” things, her experiment was worthwhile. It shows conclusively how subjective these bans are. You can say all sorts of horrible things about White people all day long without consequence. But when you criticize Jews or other races, you get banned.

This is why these social media sites need to be regulated. We are dealing with a monopolistic trust of anti-White tech firms that are conspiring to ban people’s free political speech. It’s complete fucking bullshit and I’m sick of it. These platforms are the public square of the day and they have no right to declare who can and can’t have access to it.