Twitter has gone nuts today talking about how Dr. David Duke said supportive things about Tulsi Gabbard. And whenever Dr. Duke says something nice about someone, the retards on the political left automatically go crazy ranting about how that person is a racist Neo-Nazi and a White supremacist.

Here’s some of the insanity that’s being posted.

This is happening just after the Zionist war-loving bitch Hillary Clinton implied that Tulsi was an agent of Russia. All because she doesn’t support endless wars for Jews and Israel.

Tulsi was on Tucker’s show last night responding to Hillary’s retarded claims.

It is patently retarded for people to be saying these things about Tulsi. She is obviously not a White supremacist and she is a military veteran. She is just being smeared because she is not a bought and paid for shill for Jews. If she was bought and paid for, she’d be getting favorable coverage from the subversive kikes in the kike-run press.

I had planned to temporarily join the Democrat Party to vote either for Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang in the primaries. It is looking like Gabbard’s campaign is shaping up to be the main dark horse candidacy on the Democrat side so I’m going to give her my vote. It’s my understanding that there are a ton of billboards and signs supporting Tulsi up in New Hampshire. And we are still months away from the actual vote.

Even though I don’t think she will win the Democrat nomination, the longer she is in the race the better because it shines more light on our retarded police the world for Jews foreign policy.