To my knowledge, Tucker Carlson is the only person anywhere on mainstream media who is openly questioning this insane agenda to invade Venezuela. He recently had on a journalist named Anya Parampil who has been on the ground in the country. She accurately described how there is no popular support among Venezuelans for the American puppet Juan Guaido. She also called on Donald Trump to fire all the neocons including Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Elliott Abrams who have been at the center of this coup agenda.

Tucker did a second segment describing how a military invasion of Venezuela would be a disaster and result in many millions of refugees. None of which would benefit America in any way.

Tucker is 100 percent on point with all this. The invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have all been disasters, yet we are on the brink of seeing the same thing unfold in Venezuela.

Hopefully Trump will put an end to this madness, but at this point I doubt that he will. I’m just waiting for him to hold a press conference announcing that the invasion has begun. And if an invasion does happen, it is hard to see Tucker being able to stay on the air much longer.

The mainstream media pretty much purged anybody who was anti-war when the Iraq war started. Specifically, MSNBC fired Phil Donahue solely because of his anti-war stance. The same thing could happen with Carlson.