Tucker Carlson last night broadcast new footage showing the FBI raid on Roger Stone’s house. The footage was captured from security cameras installed in Stone’s house.

Basically the FBI sent a small army of men with machine guns to arrest Stone because of process crimes related to Bob Mueller’s special counsel witch hunt. One of the cameras even shows the CNN crew arriving and setting up their equipment a full hour before the actual raid happened.

Clearly CNN was tipped off by somebody with knowledge of the raid. Probably somebody at the special counsel’s office who wanted to turn this into a media fiasco. They would not have just decided to randomly setup their cameras outside of Stone’s house early in the morning if they didn’t know what was going to happen. What’s comical is how people are calling this a “conspiracy theory” when it is just the obvious reality of things.

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker was asked about the raid yesterday when he testified in front of Congress. Outlets like Vox and others have claimed that he was fueling conspiracy theories by expressing concern about the nature of the raid along with CNN’s presence.

But what type of society do we have where big corporate media operations run by Jews are openly celebrating this type of thing and claiming that it is normal? It is obviously not normal for the government to send a small army of men with machine guns to arrest an old man in his 60s who is accused of non-violent process crimes.

What this shows is that we are living in a Soviet-styled tyranny where you can have your door kicked in by militarized police for your political opinions. The only reason Stone is a target is because of his support of Donald Trump. We obviously don’t see any of Hillary Clinton’s supporters getting raided like this.

You can also get fired from your job and destroyed as a person for your views. There’s a hidden army of snitches who think they’ll be rewarded by society for ratting out people who have politically incorrect views.

America is not a free country. If you think it is because of the Constitution etc.. you are sorely mistaken. What happened to Stone is proof that it is not a free country but this is just one of many examples proving that it isn’t. We are creeping increasingly into a totalitarian police state where dissent of any kind is going to be dealt with by the violent force of government.