Tucker Carlson did a pretty good segment on his show last week questioning this retarded concept of diversity being a strength.

The gay Negroid cock sucker Don Lemon was on CNN with a panel of ignorant assholes crying about the segment. Not once did they answer any of Carlson’s questions. They failed to explain why diversity is such a wonderful thing and why we should continue this deranged social engineering experiment.

Other media outlets have reacted in similar ways. Twitter has been no different. It’s just them calling Carlson a mean bad racist man for raising the question.

You would think that there would be a logical explanation as to why we have immigration policies allowing every type of third world savage to enter our countries. But there is no logical explanation ever offered. It’s just something we are told that we must accept otherwise you are labeled “racist” or “ignorant.” This despite the fact that there is no tangible evidence proving that diversity has been a positive thing for our nations. In fact, all evidence indicates that it has been a very negative thing.

Since no logical answer has been offered to Carlson’s question, we can safely assume that diversity is a horrible thing. We see that it doesn’t work and nobody can explain otherwise. That is why it is time to end this retarded diversity agenda and restore some sanity to our nations.