Donald Trump was interviewed by Tucker Carlson while he was in Japan for the G-20 summit. The interview aired last night.

Tucker asked Trump some important questions about a number of subjects the most interesting of which were about Iran, war and big tech censorship.

Trump’s answers were highly unsatisfactory.

He said that not attacking Iran in response to the unmanned drone being shot down was good because it would enable him to use a stronger military response against them in the future.

He said that he’d love to leave Afghanistan but can’t because the country is a laboratory of terrorists.

He referenced 9/11 but failed to mention how 15 of 19 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia.

He talked about how some general told him that he’d rather fight them over there than fight them here which was the same stupid shit George W. Bush said to justify his endless war on terrorism. But we wouldn’t have to fight them over here or fight them over there if we simply just banned all Moslems. This was actually something Trump proposed on the campaign trail.

When Tucker asked him if he was going to take action against the big tech companies, Trump just said that “he couldn’t say.”

It makes me believe that he doesn’t have the slightest idea of what’s going on with tech censorship and just how bad it is. These companies have been given the ability to destroy the First Amendment rights of millions of people and this is all Trump can say about the situation?

Overall, Trump’s answers were disappointing but not surprising considering what we’ve already seen from him.