Yesterday, the President’s Jewish lawyer Michael Cohen had his office raided by the FBI. The raid was connected to all this nonsense surrounding the porn slut Stormy Daniels and accusations that Cohen was involved in financial crimes. It’s a crazy situation considering that Cohen was cooperating with Robert Mueller and they decided to raid him any way.

Since Mueller hasn’t been able to find evidence of Russian collusion he’s going on a fishing expedition to try and find something they can charge the President with. Raiding an attorney’s office like this let alone the President’s personal attorney is completely insane. They appear to have seized privileged communications which could give them ideas of where to direct the fishing expedition next. This is definitely an escalation of this ridiculous witch hunt and it is hard to believe that any of this was legal. It definitely doesn’t seem to be Constitutional that’s for sure. Many professional lawyers and Constitutional attorneys have criticized this move.

Here’s some of Trump’s remarks about the situation.

The special counsel needs to be ended. It’s obviously been setup to specifically destroy the President. Mueller is a traitor to the country and is involved in a conspiracy to bring down the democratically elected leader of America with this dumb hoax. If he was really interested in conspiracies about Russia, he’d be looking at all the crimes that Hillary Clinton and her people were involved in. There’s been zero action taken against her or her associates.

And of course this happens at the same time round two of this Syrian gas baby hoax is going on. What a shit show this all is. Trump needs to fire Mueller and all the assholes associated with this witch hunt. It’s a conspiracy against America itself. Perhaps he can start with the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein the kike who first ordered this.