My expectations for Donald Trump’s social media summit were quite low. But despite that, the summit exceeded my expectations.

Trump started off the day firing out a bunch of tweets describing the rampant censorship by these big tech firms.

He then held a press conference where he announced an order directing the government to explore all regulatory and legislative solutions to protect the First Amendment on the Internet.

I’m not exactly sure what this means, but at least it is some type of official action. The problem is we don’t know if this will lead to anything tangible. But the good news is that he at least seems to understand how big of a problem this is.

The two major government entities who should be able to deal with this are the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission. All they have to do is classify these social media companies as public utilities and mandate that they provide universal access to the American people. There’s also other moves they could make but this is the most important one.

He also said that he would later be holding another meeting with the big tech companies about all this censorship. Some of the various personalities that were present at the social media summit today are apparently going to be invited to that meeting also.

Later on, Sebastian Gorka got into an altercation with some fuckhead reporter from CNN who apparently wanted to fight him. Gorka called him a punk.

After the incident, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas went up to the fuckhead CNN reporter and for some reason said that he respects them. Yeah, speak yourself James. I don’t respect these lying pieces of shit whatsoever. They’re the scum of the earth.

It’s also worth noting that the Neo-Nazi, White supremacist cartoonist Ben Garrison was disinvited from the summit. I guess Jared Kushner found out that he was coming to the White House which made him very scared. He probably assumed that Garrison was going to try and haul him away to a shower room gas chamber.

Overall though, it was an interesting event but I’m still pessimistic that anything substantive will result. Lots of questions remain about what this order will actually accomplish.

Honestly though, I won’t be happy until people like myself, Azzmador and Andrew Anglin are allowed to have verified Twitter accounts. We deserve to have our voices heard regardless of if they hurt feelings.