Donald Trump did a lengthy press conference today at the southern border where the border wall system is being constructed. And I must say, that I am impressed by the system that is being built. He went into tremendous detail with a three star general and some other people describing the physical infrastructure that’s going up. And I don’t think there’s any question that this system will help stop the invasion that’s been taking place. It’s just a matter of getting it all constructed.

The system is specifically what the Border Patrol requested. I know many people were expecting a big concrete wall and that’s actually what Trump was originally envisioning. The problem with a big concrete wall is that it didn’t allow visibility on to the other side of the border so agents couldn’t see people or vehicles approaching which is important for the agents.

I also didn’t realize this, but the huge posts that are going up are reinforced with concrete and rebar which makes it extremely difficult to cut through. The posts also go several feet into the ground which makes tunneling very hard. They also had mountaineers and climbers try to get over these barriers and it was determined that this system that’s going up was the most effective.

People have given Donald Trump some grief over lack of progress on the border wall but it looks like it is starting to come together. If he manages to get the 400 to 500 miles of border wall up by 2020, I’ll be happy. This should take care of the major problem areas and then it will just be a matter of targeting specific areas due to the amount of natural barriers that already exist on the border.

And sure, the legal immigration problem is a much bigger issue that still needs to be addressed, but I’d still rather have this wall system going up than not having this wall system going up.