Donald Trump at his speech yesterday in Pennsylvania touched upon the drug crisis. He proposed enacting the death penalty for drug dealers citing its effectiveness in Asia.

Considering the magnitude of the crisis we have with drugs, I would not be opposed to employing draconian measures to deal with the problem. Still, I view the drug problem as more of a cultural issue than one that can be fully solved with government intervention alone. People need to be shamed and bullied if they become dependent on drugs or other substances. It is a weakness that they should be mocked for.

Eliminating the financial incentives that a black market in drugs creates is something else that should be addressed.

But the drug problem in America is really just a bi-product of our society being high on Jews though. After all, how many Jewish Hollywood films have we seen glorifying drug use and other garbage? Plus, the stagnant economy we saw the country over the past several years hasn’t been helpful. People fell into despair and turned to drugs. Fortunately, Trump’s economic policies are starting to turn this around.

One thing is for sure, the drug crisis is definitely a problem that needs to be solved. Any and all suggestions should be considered. That includes Duterte styled death squads.