The orange man visited Afghanistan on Thanksgiving.

He talked about how the Taliban want to make some sort of deal. Apparently if no deal is made, the military is going to stay over there.

At this point, I couldn’t care less about deals or anything else. The orange man ran on a platform of getting us out of these foreign entanglements. It’s time to do that.

I mean, why are we still over there? What’s the exact mission? Nobody can even answer these questions with any sort of clarity.

It’s a waste of money and resources. If we are concerned about Afghans doing terrorism, just permanently ban anybody who lives in that country from entering America and throw out anybody from Afghanistan who happens to be here.

We don’t need thousands of soldiers over there, unless of course they are there to isolate Iran for the benefit of Israel. And that seems to be what’s really going on, because there is zero benefit to continuing any sort of military presence over there.