As most of you are well aware, the news cycle is currently being dominated by all this bullshit nonsense surrounding Donald Trump, Ukraine, Joe Biden, the business dealings of Biden’s son and a Trump impeachment inquiry announced by Nancy Pelosi. It is literally the most retarded Jewish bullshit I’ve seen promoted in the media yet.

I guess the habitual kike liar Adam Schiff held a Congressional hearing today in which the Acting Director of National Intelligence was called to testify about this alleged whistleblower complaint stemming from Trump’s call with Ukraine’s leader. This gave Schiff a platform to spread more bullshit lies in order to justify impeaching Trump.

The Trump-Russia hoax was retarded enough, but this could very well be 100 times more retarded than that. The call transcript released by the Trump administration showed that Trump did nothing wrong. The Democrats are just making up things about it to claim that Trump inquiring about corrupt dealings and Joe Biden being briefly mentioned somehow amounted to election interference of some kind. There is no truth to any of their claims.

All you really need to know is that this is nothing but political theater stemming from a  bunch of retarded Jewish bullshit.

I noticed Anglin wrote an article announcing to Daily Stormer readers that he would not be covering any of this nonsense in great detail. I totally agree with his sentiment.

The time I have to dedicate to this website and covering all the insanity we see in the world is very limited. In fact, it is far more limited than the time Anglin has. I’m only able to focus on this stuff on an extreme part time basis and I’ve had almost no time over the past few weeks to post articles.

And because of that, it doesn’t make sense for me to report on and follow every aspect of this dumb bullshit. The fact that the Jewish media is pushing this like it is the most important news story in the universe is like some sort of sick psychological torture they are forcing on us.

I don’t even consider this story real news. It’s just a political circus being promoted by Jews who happen to have billions of dollars at their disposal to promote lies.