Trump posted a series of tweets about tech censorship and one about a TSA agent molesting a minor in the name of security.

Barring a major reversal in his behavior, it seems that all Trump is going to do from now on is tweet about these many problems and not do anything substantive about them.

He says he’s going to be “looking into” tech censorship when there is nothing to “look into.” This has been going on for years and the evidence that it is happening is all over the place. Many of his prominent political supporters have been totally banned off the big social media sites. His own son Donald Trump Jr. has even written op-eds about how his Facebook account has been fucked around with. Trump has just chosen not to do anything about it. There hasn’t even been an executive order or instructions to the FTC or FCC to begin taking action against these companies. The whole thing is a dumpster fire.

And as far as the TSA goes, he could immediately order the TSA to end the ridiculous groping practices that they engage in. But he does nothing and just tweets about how terrible it is.

Trump’s presidency is becoming a bigger joke day by day. His Twitter feed looks like a parody at this point.