Donald Trump held a press conference today touting a new trade agreement that has been struck with Canada and Mexico. There was already an agreement with Mexico and Canada was brought into the fold last night. This effectively ends the old NAFTA deal which was one of the worst trade deals in the history of America. The new deal has been re-branded with the acronym USMCA.

Trump’s press conference was pretty good. He provided specifics on the deal and sparred with the evil assholes in the Jewish fake news media. All they wanted to talk about was Brett Kavanaugh. They didn’t even give a shit about this historic new trade deal even though it is big news.

Overall though the deal is a definite improvement for the American dairy and automobile industries and those are just a few parts of the new agreement.

It might not be a perfect deal, but it shows that Trump has been successful in moving America’s trade policy in the right direction. It means more jobs and more prosperity for White people in America and that’s an important thing.