POTUS just sent out this tweet.  He’s going to be making what he says will be a major announcement regarding the southern border and the government shutdown tomorrow afternoon.

Considering that his last speech from the Oval Office was a bit anti-climatic, it will be interesting to see what comes out of this. That’s because it doesn’t seem as if he’s going to make any progress with Congress. He’s tried working with Democrat leaders along with Democrat rank and file but has not been able to make any headway. They simply are refusing to give him the money he has requested to secure the border.

The only option left is to declare a national emergency and start building the infrastructure needed to keep the country safe. If he does this, the Jew-left is going to try and find some Jew judge to block his order. But the thing is, Congress gave the executive branch a great deal of power to declare national emergencies and do what’s necessary to deal with them. So it is unknown how effective this kikery will be.

If I were President Trump, I would ignore these judicial orders and accuse the judges of being unpatriotic and against the national security of the United States. Maybe he can also have them arrested for treason and hauled away to FEMA camps.

The point being is that these judges really don’t have much power. It’s just an illusion perpetuated by the kike media. Remember The Dark Knight Rises scene when Bane posed the question “do you feel in charge?” It’s sort of like that.