World leaders are not happy with Donald Trump’s protectionist trade policies. They were particularly upset at him implementing tariffs on aluminum and steel. Canada and France have been whining about it the most.

The complaints are ridiculous. These countries have been bending us over and raping us in the ass on trade for decades. They have extensive tariffs on American products while they’re allowed to sell their products into our country at little to no cost. It’s why manufacturing jobs throughout America have disappeared.

Anybody who is looking at this objectively can see that the current system is not fair and needs to be redone. I hope Trump slaps more tariffs on these countries. Seriously, fuck these people if they don’t want to negotiate in good faith. Let them see what happens.

It sounds like Trump is going to tell Trudeau and Macron to politely fuck off on this issue at the G7 summit. And the fact that he’s going to do that is a very good thing for America.