I must say that this is one of the more interesting posts that has shown up on the President’s Twitter feed. Here you have an all-CAPS tweet threatening the Iranians.

It is true that the Iran nuke deal was not a very good deal for the United States. I mean, we were flying over pallets of cash for fuck sake. But at the same time, most Americans want to get along with Iran. They do not war with them. If we look at the Middle East logically, it makes more sense to be doing business with the Syrians and the Iranians versus the countries dominated by Sunnis. In fact, both the European Union and Russia already do a great deal of business with the Iranians.

Unfortunately, the current geopolitical situation has the United States aligned against Syria and Iran which is ridiculous. It should be the opposite but such things can’t change over night.

My assumption is that this post is political theater. It seems to be no different than the “little rocket man” posts when he was dealing with North Korea last year. He wants to try and get the Iranians to come to the negotiating table. There were also reports talking about how he wanted to speak with Iranian leadership last year at the United Nations but the Iranians refused. Who knows if this is true or not, but it’s not impossible to believe that this happened.

And let’s face facts, a war with Iran would be insane. If they could be quickly defeated, Israel would have already done it years ago. They view Iran as their greatest geopolitical threat and for good reason. Iran is the modern day version of Persia which has existed for thousands of years. They are not a people who can be easily vanquished.

So yeah, I wouldn’t read too much into this post despite its provocative nature. So long as an understanding can be developed to avoid war, I honestly don’t give a shit what Trump says on his Twitter feed.

But it is worth reiterating that any war against Iran would be a war for Jews and Israel and not one any of us would support. Trump must know this considering the reaction he got when he ordered missile strikes against Syria over those retarded baby gassing hoaxes.