The orange potato man known as Trump is threatening harsh measures in dealing with the crisis on the southern border unless Democrats in Congress vote to close legal loopholes that have invited the problem.

Trump previously said that he was going to do an executive order to end birthright citizenship, potentially transport migrant invaders to sanctuary cities and build a beautiful wall. None of the things have happened, although to be fair, the wall which is more of a fence structure is in progress.

But based on his track record, we can only assume that “harsh measures” means that he will send out some angry tweets. He’s been all talk and no action on this and other important issues.

He’s lost a big chunk of his base because he’s failed on immigration and refuses to do anything about his supporters getting banned off the Internet and in some cases having their life ruined for their political views.

If the Democrats weren’t focused in on the retarded Trump-Russia hoax and instead focused in on his shilling for Israel, failures on immigration and some of his other failings, they could easily defeat him. But no, they prefer to complain about the Russia nonsense and his tax returns. They’re only helping him with these antics as the average voter does not give a shit about either of these two issues.