Donald Trump made a brief announcement regarding the imminent caravan invasion and some of the actions he’ll be taking to deal with it. He’s basically ordering the military to setup tent concentration camps to hold these invaders so they can’t be released if they claim asylum. He’s also ending the practice that allows illegal alien invaders to apply for asylum unless they go to a proper port of entry. He said that there’s going to be an executive order on all this next week.

This is a definite step in the right direction considering the horrible immigration laws the United States has. Instead of catch and release, these invaders will be held until their court hearing and deported once their claim is proven to be bullshit. The fact that these invaders are even allowed a court hearing is ridiculous and shows how broken the system is. The entire legal framework on both legal and illegal immigration needs to be completely redone. These savages should just be kicked the fuck out.

He also said that the military will treat any rock throwing invaders no different than if they are carrying a firearm. So in other words, he’s giving permission to the military to shoot them.

This is a good policy considering that these invaders violently smashed through Mexico’s southern border. If they try to do the same thing to the United States, they should absolutely be shot. I don’t even see how this could be considered a controversial position. It’s basic common sense.

But just look at these photos. These are mostly young brown male invaders who are invading America for economic reasons. I’d honestly prefer that a drone strike is ordered on these pieces of shit but shooting them is a compromise I can live with.