After Ilhan Omar lectured Americans on how America is such a bad country because we are evil racists, Donald Trump posted a series of tweets addressing the situation.

There’s been all sorts of kvetching about this. At time of writing, the terms #RacistInChief and #TrumpIsARacist is trending on Twitter. But the only thing Trump did was defend America from people who are openly attacking it. They say America is so evil but if it was so evil, why do they stay? Why do they not go back to where they came from? It is a valid point.

He followed up his first round of tweets with these additional posts. Of course, he had to throw in a bit about how these people hate Israel.

Disregarding the Israel reference, he is right about how these people will just cry “racism” over and over again when they have no logical point to make. Instead of defending their anti-American views, they fall back to using this old anti-White slur.

The whole situation is getting tiring. They claim White people are so racist and hate the color of skin but if that’s the case, why are so many non-Whites clamoring to come to countries run by White people? Obviously, we are not as bad as they claim and they are just trying to guilt us into giving them unlimited amounts of free shit.

Well I say fuck that. They should all be banned and they should be forbidden from ever having access to White people again.