We ultimately don’t know what’s going to happen with immigration. I’m reserving judgment on the President until we see what actually happens. He briefly discussed the topic during his weekly address reiterating calls for reforms.

Implementing the border wall, ending chain migration and getting rid of the visa lottery are definite steps in the right direction. The problem is that the Democrats aren’t agreeing to do any of this even with concessions on DACA.

It’s very possible that the Democrats will refuse to do a deal and play politics with the issue. But if they do that, the DACA illegal aliens will be subject to deportation. I’d be perfectly fine with this and I think many others would be as well.

But all we can do is see what happens. There’s just too much noise surrounding this issue right now.

The one thing that is certain, if things aren’t changed, the United States is going to devolve into a black and brown shithole. We can’t let this happen!