President Trump has been very active on Twitter this morning. Guess he doesn’t have a whole lot to do in the White House considering it is Christmas Eve and there’s no signs of Democrats budging on the border wall funding dispute.

One of his tweets mentioned how the Saudis have agreed to spend the necessary funds to rebuild Syria.

Considering the Saudis along with other Gulf Arab states were helping support the Islamic terrorists that fucked up Syria, this is the least they could do.

The Saudis must see the writing on the wall. The Syrian government is backed by the Iranians and the Russians and they’ve already taken back control over most of the country. President Trump could also pull the plug on the Saudis at any point. He certainly has plenty of excuses considering the Jamal Khashoggi situation and what not.

What’s funny is seeing how Jews in America have been attacking Trump over his support of Saudi Arabia in light of the Khashoggi murder. They don’t seem to get how critical the Saudis are to the security of Israel. They seem to think attacking Trump over the issue is more advantageous even though it effectively throws Saudi Arabia and Israel under the bus.

Ultimately, we should dump the Saudis but at minimum the next step should be to pressure them to end the war in Yemen. The fact that they have agreed to rebuild Syria is a sign that they are in a weakened geopolitical situation.