The President is traveling to Europe to meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May in the UK, attend a NATO meeting and finally meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Finland. Before leaving, he remarked that meeting with Putin could be the easiest part of the trip.

Can’t blame him for feeling this way. Theresa May is an awful childless old hag who makes horribly fucked up faces.

And the leaders of NATO countries include individuals like Angela Merkel and other terrible people. It’s likely going to be rehash of the type of shit that went on during the G7 summit.

So yes, the meeting with Putin should definitely be the easiest part of the trip. Trump and Putin have similar personalities and seem to be on the same page with what’s going on in the world. NATO leaders are just going to whine about Trump forcing them to pay more money for defense etc..

But seriously, most of these countries have no political cards to play. They’re protectorates of the United States and will ultimately have to cave into Trump’s demands. The most serious and productive business of the trip will be what happens during Trump’s meeting with Putin.