This recent tweet from Trump says that he’s going to go through with his threat to dump illegal aliens in sanctuary cities.

I guess we’ll see. At this point, I have a hard time taking anything he tweets seriously.

But the fact that he’s talking about doing this is just a reflection of his total failure on the border. Part of that failure was putting that idiotic woman Kirstjen Nielsen in charge of the Department of Homeland Security but it was his choice to put her in that role.

At least dumping illegal aliens in shitholes like Los Angeles and San Francisco is funny but I don’t want funny. I want these third world hordes out of my fucking country.

Even if he does this, I doubt the Democrats will come to the table with a reasonable compromise. These cities they govern are already shitholes and there probably won’t be much of a discernible difference even with an influx of shitholers dumped in these places.