Fresh off the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Trump said yesterday that he knows nothing about WikiLeaks.

Either he has memory problems or he’s lying. Back in 2016 he was praising WikiLeaks for dumping emails that were extremely embarrassing to Hillary Clinton. Assange actually played a role in helping Trump get elected. Now he pretends to know nothing about it. It’s ridiculous.

The entire establishment across both parties and the Jew-run media itself is praising the arrest. Joe Manchin was on CNN actually claiming that Assange was property of the United States government.

Hillary Clinton was very happy about the arrest even though she should be in prison for mishandling classified information and putting the State Department up for sale.

Tulsi Gabbard is one of the few politicians defending Assange.

The entire establishment hates Assange because he exposed all sorts of criminality and corruption with the United States government. The media hates him because he broke some of the most consequential stories of the past twenty years. He’s a much more relevant figure than any of the hacks in the media establishment. They’re cheering his arrest because they are jealous of his accomplishments.

Assange should be pardoned. He is being persecuted on bullshit charges because he engaged in legitimate journalist activities that embarrassed the establishment.

Unfortunately, it looks like Trump is not going to do anything. He has literally stabbed all the people who helped him get elected in the back and allowed his kike son-in-law to run policy. As it stands now it looks like he’s going to do nothing to help Assange.