It looks like Donald Trump isn’t totally powerless, but it is scary to see how close this was. He just said that he called off a series of military strikes against Iran just 10 minutes before they were set to take place.

This was definitely the right decision. The problem is that all the people around him desperately want to do a big war with Iran. They’ve been setting the conditions for months.

Today, the pundits on all the big cable networks including Fox News have been crowing on and on about how we need to do war against Iran over a single unmanned drone.

But if Trump went ahead with the proposed strikes, it would have set off a full fledged war. A war that the American people do not support and a war that does not benefit anybody except for Israel.

It’s a truly bizarre dynamic. Trump doesn’t seem to want to do these big wars, but he’s hired a bunch of assholes who are trying to drag him into all sorts of wars. Why not just fire these neocon clowns and install some people who have sane foreign policy views?