By any objective standard, Maxine Waters is not a smart person. She has consistently said some of the dumbest and most irrational things one could ever imagine. Repeatedly she has called for the impeachment of Donald Trump despite the fact that he has done nothing wrong.

Trump during his speech in Pennsylvania last night, called out Waters as a “very low IQ individual” which has caused some butt hurt among leftist circles.

In years gone by, claiming that any black person is “low IQ” would be called out as the most racist thing imaginable. But now, we’ve gotten to the point where the term “racism” no longer has any meaning. It’s been used so much nobody even knows what it means. Because of that, we haven’t seen the Jew-run media go overly crazy about it. They seem to have gotten the message that all this crying about “racism” is counterproductive and is just pissing people off.

Besides, it is a scientific fact that blacks on average have lower IQs than Whites. While there are some exceptions, Maxine is not one of them.