POTUS retweeted a tweet from a pro-Trump Twitter account called “The Trump Train” that accuses the Jew Rod Rosenstein, Bob Mueller and a number of other Democrat criminals of treason.

Needless to say, the kike-run media was not amused by this. The meme is true though. Everybody pictured in the meme are treasonous criminals in some capacity. They all deserve to rot in hell.

It’s only a matter of time before Rosenstein gets fired. But at this point, he’s no longer officially involved in overseeing the Mueller probe so Trump might end up firing him after Mueller issues his goofy report.

But the Russia hoax investigation has gone off the rails. They’re claiming that Jerome Corsi an associate of Roger Stone and Alex Jones lied to them because he forgot about a single individual email. He was on Tucker Carlson’s show last night describing what happened.

They appear to be trying to make some sort of connection between Trump, Julian Assange and Wikileaks via Stone and Corsi. But since Corsi said he never met Assange, they seem to be trying to pressure him to lie by pushing this bullshit charge.

The whole thing is nuts. These assholes are going after Corsi for forgetting about a single solitary email from years ago, but Hillary Clinton and her aides are allowed to smash phones, erase emails and destroy evidence.

I’m so sick of this Russia hoax. It’s like Mueller is trying to squeeze blood from a stone with this shit.