The President has posted a series of tweets pretty much advocating for the overthrow of the Iranian government.

Trump’s stance on Iran is one I have consistently disagreed with. He spent a good part of his campaign bashing Iran and talking about the bad nuclear deal. And look, I get that the Iranian nuclear deal wasn’t great, but that doesn’t mean we should be advocating for the overthrow of their government.

This is not an America First position, this is an Israel First position. Overthrowing the Iranian government is of primary benefit to Israel. It’s not like the Iranians have the military capability to strike the United States so this has nothing to do with national security.

The United States has been interfering in Iran’s internal affairs since the 1950s and it hasn’t been of any benefit to us. Forcibly changing their government in a color revolution is not going to change that.

My article over at the Daily Stormer goes into further detail about the specifics of what’s going on.

What I find interesting is how all of these Merchant Right characters are shit posting all sorts of crap on Twitter supporting the overthrow of the Iranian government. Many of these fools started pushing heavy pro-Israel positions over the past few months. This happened simultaneously as Twitter began banning numerous people who expressed their opposition to Israel and Zionism. I do not believe that any of this was a coincidence.

These dishonest rats pushing all this Zionist propaganda are operating without any real ideological opposition.

Take for instance Jack Posobiec this spook fuck who is continuously spreading disinformation and propaganda.

And lol at this one. The CIA wasn’t behind it! Deep state dindu nuffin!

Nice try Jack. How about you tell us who your handler is? You must have a case officer right? Or are you just doing independent contract work and cashing pay checks from the Mossad?

Suffice to say, there is a massive psychological warfare operation underway in an attempt to topple the Iranian government. This is for the sole benefit of Jews and Israel. There is no reason to support this.