We basically have a situation where the Jews through their control of multi-billion dollar media megaphones are trying to bully the President of the United States into attacking Syria. All this over a supposed chemical weapons attack that no serious person can confirm even happened.

The President issued a pair of bizarre tweets about the situation one right after another.

So he’s calling the leader of Syria a “gas killing animal” and telling Russia to get ready for a missile attack while also telling Russia he wants to stop the arms race and have better relations. This is obviously a very confusing message. I am not going to pretend to know what this means. It almost seems like a crazy troll.

Then a couple hours later he posted this blaming the problems with Russia on the Robert Mueller witch hunt.

The good news is that there hasn’t been any attack yet. It also looks as if the United Kingdom and France are hesitant to launch attacks without any firm evidence that the Syrian government gassed babies for no specific strategic or political reason. This is in line with what the United Nations said earlier.

No matter what happens, we need to continue bombarding the White House with emails and calls (+1-202-456-1111). Tell them that the American people are against war in Syria. We’ve had decades of wars in the name of Israel and Zionism and now is the time for this madness to end.