Donald Trump has been on fire recently. He has been going on a no holds barred rampage against the big Silicon Valley tech companies. Most of these organizations are run or heavily influenced by Jews who hate free speech.

Trump has been specifically targeting Google which has been involved in all sorts of speech censorship chicanery. After criticizing them for manipulating their search results to highlight anti-Trump material, he pinned a tweet highlighting their obvious political bias. It features a short video showing how Google put a link to Barack Obama’s State of the Union speeches on their front page but refused to do the same for Trump.

Right now there is an agenda by these tech companies and the big alphabet soup media outlets to totally shut down anything that is remotely right-wing. This was 100 percent transparent with what they did to Alex Jones. They colluded together to claim how evil Jones was because he hurt the feelings of the Sandy Hook parents. And because he hurt the feelings of a few people, this meant that he had to be blacklisted from all platforms.

Regardless of what you think about Jones, this was an insane thing to do and it was the same thing that was done to the entire Alt-Right post-Charlottesville.

We need to get behind Trump on this. It looks as if he is setting the stage for some serious action against these evil speech censoring Silicon Valley companies.