The President of the United States is pessimistic about the Congressional wall negotiations. It doesn’t look as if a deal will be struck. Democrats are actually demanding that there be a cap on the amount of felons they can hold in detention.

He also said that America is about to be flooded with 42 million vibrants from Latin America and that this is why we need the wall.

The deal to re-open the government was only for three weeks. Those three weeks end this coming Friday and it is uncertain what is going to happen. Trump is saying that the wall will get built one way or another but I’ll believe it when I see it. So far all I’ve seen is lots of talk and very little action.

He’s going to have to do this unilaterally. Let the Democrats take him to court for doing his Constitutional duty to defend the country from an invasion of orcs. It will just further illustrate how they hate this country and have no loyalty to it.

I’d also like to see the federal government shutdown again. Mostly because I think federal government employees are lazy pieces of shit and I have no problem seeing them suffer. Especially those useless jerk offs who work for the Transportation Security Administration.