It’s official. The President signed an order that slaps tariffs on steel and aluminum imported into the United States. You had a brigade of cuckservatives and other faggots whine about this begging him not to sign the order but Trump did it any way.

Daily Mail:

Donald Trump signed an order on Thursday imposing steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, after days of guessing games and internal White House battles over whether daring China to enter a trade war is sound policy.

The president appeared in the Oval Office, flanked by senior officials on one side and a group of steelworkers on the other.

‘You are truly the backbone of America, you know that? You are very special people,’ he told the blue collar contingent.

‘We want a lot of steel coming into our country, but we want it to be fair and we want our workers to be protected.’

The president said his promises to factory workers were a big reason for his 2016 victory, complaining that American steel and aluminum workers have been betrayed – but ‘that betrayal is now over.’

Far from being the ironclad, no-compromises national security measures Trump has telegraphed in the past week, the Associated Press reported that every nation in the world will be able to petition the United States for exemptions.

This move is long overdue. All these people whining about starting a trade war are idiots. There’s been a trade war waged on the United States for decades and we finally have someone in the Oval Office who wants to fight back. Having a trade deficit of $800 billion is not only a horrible economic situation but it is a national security problem as well.

All this talk about economic collapses and stock market crashes have not come to pass. The stock market actually went up after he signed the order.

Free trade has been a branding slogan to screw the American worker for the past several decades. The term sounds great, but it is really a term to hide the fact that our trade deals have been extremely stupid.

I support this move 100 percent. It will help bolster American industry and protect American jobs. We’d rather people have good paying jobs and slightly more expensive products than people with no jobs and slightly less expensive products.