The President has nominated Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacant position on the Supreme Court.

Some Republicans have questions about how conservative he is on things like abortion and other issues. He’s also got some questionable connections back to the Bush family that I’m not particularly enthusiastic about. On the positive side of things he’s considered to be someone who interprets the Constitution as written. No living document nonsense with this guy.

The Democrats have already come out opposing his selection. This is not surprising as they were going to do this no matter who Trump picked. There were Communists protesting Trump’s pick before anybody even knew who the selection was. They’re already smearing Kavanaugh as anti-woman, anti-environment etc..

Here’s just some of the insanity being put out on Twitter about Kavanaugh.

Considering that all these Jews and Communists are going nuts over the pick, we can probably assume that Trump made a good selection. Unfortunately, we won’t know 100 percent for sure until he gets on the bench. There’s been numerous so-called “conservative” judges that were appointed to the Supreme Court and they ruled like they were leftists. This is one of the main reasons why Roe v. Wade hasn’t been overturned and we have insane things like legalized homosexual marriage.

The Jews and the Communists have protected their insane social agendas by engaging in activism through the Judicial branch. This is why they’re going to do everything they can to thwart this nomination. Anybody outside of an insane Communist leftist confirmed to this position means an end to their unconstitutional judicial activism getting crammed through the courts.

It’s tough to see how they can block this nomination from going through though. They’ll undoubtedly manufacture some fake controversy to paint Kavanaugh as a racist Nazi devil. That’s really the only card they have to play right now.