The end result of the Trump-Kim summit in Vietnam was a major disappointment. I had expected that they would at least sign an agreement to officially end the Korean War. But alas, the summit ended early and there was no agreement. Trump did a press conference before leaving and said that a dialogue would continue between the two sides.

North Korea has been stating that they offered a partial shutdown of their nuke facilities in exchange for partial sanctions relief but that this proposal was rejected. On the surface this sounded like a fair deal that would have generated more good will between both sides.

Unfortunately, it appears as if Trump won’t accept anything less other than the total destruction of all of North Korea’s nuclear facilities before sanctions relief is considered. Surely with Mike Pompeo there who is an insane neocon lunatic, it is fair to assume that this was the official position at the summit. The problem is that nuclear weapons is the main deterrent Kim has to discourage the United States from fucking him over.

Colonel Gadaffi of Libya was the last world leader who agreed to dismantle his nuclear weapons program under American pressure. The end result of this decision was the American military bombing the shit out of his country and him getting sodomized with a knife by Islamic terrorists. So based on this, Kim has every reason in the world to be suspicious of American motives.

But whatever, maybe it isn’t such a bad thing that nuclear war is back on the table. I would not feel sad at all if Kim nuked Los Angeles and San Francisco. In fact, I would laugh if he did that because nuking those cities would greatly improve our country.