I’ve just started to digest all the happenings from the Trump-Kim summit that was held in Singapore. The talks went as well as any of us could have hoped and resulted in a historic agreement being signed by Trump and Kim.

It’s a general agreement where the two nations commit to denuclearizing the Korean peninsula while working together towards peace. North Korea also agrees to return the remains of American soldiers who were killed during the Korean War over 70 years ago. In exchange, Trump agreed to end war games with South Korea during continued negotiations.

Here’s the initial handshake along with some random clips put together.

Here’s Trump and Kim side by side for another photo op.

Here’s Trump and Kim with their respective staffs.

And the signing itself.

Trump even showed Kim his “beast” limo something of which Kim got a kick out of.

Based on what I’ve seen of Kim, I like him much more than many of our so-called allies that Trump met with at the G7. I mean shit, who would you rather hang out with? Kim Jong Un or Justin Trudeau?

Trump also showed Kim a video which was later played at his post-summit press conference. It provided a glimpse of what could be possible with a permanent peace deal. This was a very smart move by Trump. Kim’s father was a big movie buff and played a huge role in North Korean film making. It was an inspiring video and appealed to some of Kim’s interests including his love of basketball.

The fools in the media went crazy with some using terms like “bizarre” to describe it. Others thought it was North Korean propaganda. All of this just shows how foolish these people are. It was an inspiring video. I liked it and I’m sure Kim liked it.

And then Trump did a press conference where he answered numerous questions.

Details still have to be hammered out but it is a very encouraging first step. The Jewish media is bending over backwards trying to spin this negatively but they’re just making themselves look stupid. This was a major step towards peace and Trump deserves all the credit for getting to this point. Especially considering that it looked like war might break out just a short period of time ago.

Trump was active on Twitter talking about the summit and also went after the media for some of their idiotic statements.

Obviously there are no guarantees with anything, but it looks as if there is a strong foundation for lasting peace as a result of this summit. We’ll just have to see how it goes but this was a very good day not just for the United States and North Korea but for the world.