In addition to the social media summit, Donald Trump announced a new executive order to get around the litigation blocking the government from asking people if they’re a citizen on the 2020 census. Instead of using the census to gather this information, he’s ordering federal government agencies to turn over all data pertaining to non-citizens so they can get a proper count of the number of non-citizens in the country.

What’s funny is that this should provide an even more accurate count of the number non-citizens in the country than what the census would provide. And if it is determined that illegal aliens or non-citizens can’t be counted as part of the population towards determining Congressional districts, this will be a big blow to the Democrats.

This is definitely a creative solution from Trump and his people. I hope he continues doing positive things like this. Because it gives me no pleasure calling him out as the Zionist orange potato man. He has largely failed so far because he has been unable to wield the powers of the executive branch effectively. Maybe that’s finally starting to change.