Donald Trump is soliciting complaints about political bias and censorship on social media. Talk about a ridiculous exercise.

Everybody knows that the big social media companies are specifically targeting anybody who has right-wing views. We have years of evidence and admissions proving that is an indisputable fact. We do not need any more data on this subject. The facts are in.

The only purpose to this seems to be so Trump can use the issue to collect email addresses for the upcoming 2020 presidential campaign. They know that by asking people for stories about social media censorship that they’ll get lots of responses because it is one of the most important and critical issues of this era. And after that, they’ll send out emails asking these same people for donations by claiming that Trump is fighting for free speech online.

I don’t like this at all.

A more effective way to win re-election would be to use the presidency to regulate these companies that are stifling free speech. The Federal Communications Commission could immediately take action on this issue right now. Regardless of all the other problems with Trump, many of us would be back on board with him if he simply forced these social media companies to provide universal access.

All we are want is a fair and level playing field. Nothing more and nothing less.

The fact that Trump is only tweeting about the problem and using the issue to collect email addresses makes me even more jaded on this issue than ever before. Especially when you got the Jew-run site of Breitbart publishing bullshit articles about how we can’t regulate social media because of the hoax that is the free market.