The United States and China failed to come to a deal on trade this week. As a result, Donald Trump has said that there will be increased tariffs on Chinese goods until an agreement can be made.

This is one Trump policy I fully support. We’ve had enormous trade deficits with China for a very long time. The end result has been our country getting flooded with all sorts of Chinese crap while our people have had their jobs exported to China and various third world countries.

It’s common sense to implement protective tariffs to realign things back in the right direction. It’s better to have jobs here even if you have to pay more for all the garbage the Chinese export into our country. Over time, more products will be made in the United States because the tariffs give incentive for companies to bring jobs back.

What is weird is that the establishment hasn’t raised much of a fuss about the implementation of these tariffs. Previously, they were going crazy whenever Trump talked about tariffs and whined about the danger of trade wars. Seems like there’s very little talk about that now as they continue obsessing over the nonsense surrounding the Russia hoax.