President Trump delivered the State of the Union speech tonight. I watched most of it. The speech was a mixed bag. You can watch it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Overall I thought it was a well delivered speech.

He said good things about border security, the wall, withdrawing from Syria and Afghanistan. Another highlight was his announcement that a second summit with North Korea was scheduled for later this month in Vietnam. His comments on trade and infrastructure were alright. I’m totally on board with rebuilding the shitty infrastructure we have in America and redoing the horrible trade situation we have with China and other countries. He also called out the Democrats as baby killers.

I did not care much for the stuff he said about Iran being evil, how great it was that he declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel, the shit about GRIDS/AIDS, the nonsense about the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the rambling about the Holohoax and female empowerment. And obviously the stuff that he’s pushing in Venezuela I greatly disagree with.

But perhaps the thing that stuck out the most to me was the reaction from Democrats. In particular, all those stupid skanks dressed up in white clothing making fucked up faces. I guess the white clothing was supposed to be a female empowerment statement? Whatever the case, it is hard for me to recall seeing a more miserable group of angry and bitter cunts in my life. The fact that they are sitting members of Congress is a disgrace. They’re useless people who are fucking up this country.

And Nancy Pelosi looked like the skin was going to melt off her face as Trump delivered the speech.

The Democrat response from the Negress Stacy Abrams was ridiculous. It looked like it was prerecorded and shot in front of a green screen showing cultural vibrancy behind her. I don’t even know WTF she was talking about. She started rambling incoherently about some story describing how her dad gave away his coat and talked about “values.”

There was nothing specific outlined. It was just her bashing the evil orange man with the same bullshit rhetoric we’ve heard over and over again.

Oh well, that’s my thoughts on the State of the Union. What did you guys think?