After Joe Biden released a truly bizarre video announcing his 2020 run for the presidency, Donald Trump was asked by the press to comment on it. Biden basically stated that he is running a political campaign in support of violent anti-fascist terrorists who fight Neo-Nazis like Trump in order to preserve American values as envisioned by Thomas Jefferson. All because of the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally.

Trump has taken fire from his political enemies because he referred to some of the right-wing protesters at the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville as “fine people.”

Well, Trump was right because I was at the rally and I can confirm that I am a fine person. It was also a permitted rally staged to protest attempts by Jews and Communist faggots to remove the Robert E. Lee statue. The permitted rally was disrupted by violent anti-fascist terrorists and the police did nothing to stop them. They even agitated the situation by shutting down the rally while forcing our people into the anti-fascists.

Trump defended his previous comments about Charlottesville and praised Robert E. Lee as a great general.

The problem is that this is just empty rhetoric. Trump has done nothing to protect the free speech rights of myself or any of the other people who attended the rally. The Department of Justice should have launched an investigation into what happened in Charlottesville.  Especially considering that there was an independent report commissioned by the city that exposed all sorts of wrongdoing by the government. But nothing happened.

Trump has also done nothing to prevent people from being banned from the big social media sites for simply expressing their political opinions. Even his own son Don Jr. has been fucked around with.

One of the big reasons Trump got elected in 2016 was because of Alt-Right memes and an online army that was enthusiastically supporting him. Well, none of that exists any more because he’s refused to do anything for his supporters.

The only Trump meme that anybody is sharing is that of a confused orange potato man named Blormf.

It’s hard to see him doing anything to regain our support. Especially since the last four months have been a total and complete cluster fuck.