The President has never had control over foreign policy since he took office. He’s being pressured and possibly even blackmailed into taking military action to benefit Jews and Israel.

Unless there’s a major shift, it looks like Trump’s foreign policy will no different than if George W. Bush had a third term. He even said “mission accomplished” when describing last evening’s strikes against Syria.

George W. Bush famously delivered his 2003 “mission accomplished” speech after he invaded Iraq even though the war was not really over. 15 years after this speech, we are still in Iraq and now we are launching attacks in Syria.

But seriously, WTF is this? It looks like Trump is trolling his base with this “mission accomplished” statement. He has to know that the main reason people voted for him was to keep us out of Syria. Nobody supports having forces there and we sure as hell don’t want World War III with Russia. Especially when all this is over highly questionable claims about gassed babies.