What type of bullshit is this Mr. President?

So because the Ukrainian military engaged in provocative actions around Russian territory and Russia captured some of their sailors, you are going to cancel your meeting with Russia’s leader?

This is not a good decision. The Jewish media is trying to use this boat hoax incident to try and provoke World War III over the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

This has nothing to do with American relations with Russia. Ukraine isn’t even a member of NATO. It is a border dispute between two former Soviet Republics. It is none of our fucking business.

But even if you legitimately believe that this is something the United States should be involved in, wouldn’t opening a dialogue be prudent? Refusing to talk about the situation is stupid and insane.

Plus, it’s not like the Jewish media is going to stop claiming that you are a Russian agent just because he cancelled this meeting. This was absolutely the wrong move.