President Trump delivered what was one of the longest speeches of his presidency at CPAC today. It was definitely one of his better speeches in awhile, largely because he went off script. Trump’s best speeches have generally been the ones where he is talking off the cuff. It always comes off as being much more authentic and entertaining.

He called out the Russia hoax as “bullshit” and mocked Jeff Sessions. He called him “weak” and “ineffective.”

He had some funny things to say about the Democrat’s “Green New Deal.”

And he also announced that he’d be issuing an executive order to revoke funding of colleges and universities that don’t protect free speech on campus.

Trump’s rhetoric is always great, both in his speeches and on his Twitter feed. Unfortunately, the rhetoric has not equaled substantive policy accomplishments.

I don’t think this is all his fault. He’s done some good things, but there’s been a number of areas where there has been little to no progress made. He’s also done stupid bullshit like that crap going on in Venezuela.

He really needs to ignore the Jewish media, his stupid Jewish son-in-law and just start issuing executive orders on everything imaginable. The kike media is only capable of focusing in on a small number of issues and getting people outraged over them. If he does a million things that outrage them all at once, they wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

But whatever, it isn’t like Trump is going to take my advice. At least these speeches are setting him up to win re-election. The Democrat Party has gone so insane and are going to go even more insane over the next couple of years that it is hard to see him losing in 2020. Of course, that’s still a long ways away so anything can happen between now and then.