The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is quite the pussy faggot. Instead of laying out his trade position to Donald Trump face to face when he was at the G7, he decided to hold a gay press conference whining about Trump’s decision to slap tariffs on aluminum and steel. All this occurred after Trump had left for Singapore.

Trump went to Twitter to call him out for this and announced that he was not going to endorse the official G7 statement.

Trudeau is pretending that Trump implemented these tariffs for no reason. In reality, the tariffs are in response to a system that has been massively unfair to American industry. NAFTA has been a disaster for the American worker. Trudeau’s focus on how the tariffs are “insulting” because Trump cited national security as a reason for the tariffs was a particularly ridiculous comment. If the United States is no longer able to produce aluminum and steel domestically, it is absolutely a major national security issue. Trudeau should understand that this is just a practical reality. Instead of recognizing this, he went on a whining tirade about how he felt the tariffs hurt the feelings of Canadians.

But you can tell that Trudeau is way out of his league when dealing with Trump just based on their body language alone. Just watch this clip of their press appearance at the G7 and you’ll see what I mean.

But Trudeau’s underhanded statements at his press conference was a bitch move. Especially since he was undercutting Trump right before his big meeting with North Korea that’s only days away.

And in case you missed them.

Here’s Trump’s press conference that he delivered right before leaving for Singapore.

And here’s the full clip of Trudeau’s press conference if you can stomach sitting through it.

How much longer are Canadians going to put up with this soyboy as the nation’s leader? Hasn’t he embarrassed Canada enough already?