The kikes and the Communists in the Democrat Party continue pushing insane lies to demonize the glorious leader of America Donald J. Trump. The latest lie is the claim that 3,000 people died from the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico.

Trump rightly called out this retarded hoax.

The original death toll was 64 yet somehow that has been upgraded to 3,000 in the last couple of months. That’s a total roughly 50 times higher than the original number. This is hardly believable.

New studies came out operating under the assumption that any random person who died after the hurricanes hit must have died directly because of the hurricanes. It’s a ridiculous assumption. In fact, it is almost as ridiculous as assuming that 60 trillion kikes were killed by Adolf Hitler in shower room gas chambers.

This was probably done to justify Puerto Rico getting more disaster funds and to demonize Trump as a racist.

Whatever the case, this 3,000 number is a retarded hoax and a lie. I’m glad to see Trump call this out as the bullshit that it is.