Lots of people are upset at Donald Trump bashing the low IQ niggers Don Lemon and Lebron James on Twitter. The thing is that he’s not wrong about both of them being stupid niggers so I don’t understand what everybody is so upset about!

Here’s the interview that Trump referenced.

It’s basically just these two Negroids whining about how Trump and America are racist.

James said that he wouldn’t even talk with Trump but that’d he’d talk with Obama. That of course sounds like some racial bias from the nigger. He’ll talk to Obama because he’s a nigger but won’t talk to Trump because he’s White.

The press naturally has latched on to Trump’s tweet and they’ve been flipping out over it. That’s obviously why Trump posted the tweet. He knew the press would go nuts over it and call him a nigger hating White supremacist.

The reporter in this news clip specifically went out of their way to describe how the official stance of the United States government is that James is dumb. Well, dumb nigger is more like it but close enough.

And yes, Trump is a Nazi and he is racist. He wants to put niggers in gas chambers and hook them up to masturbation machines of death.

Seriously though, these Negroids should just go fuck off back to Africa if they’re not happy. They won’t have to deal with racists over there and they’ll be happy. They might have to worry about nigger cannibals trying to eat them though.

But despite the fact that both of these niggers make millions of dollars in a White man’s country, that is not enough for them. They have to whine about racism. Well if there’s so much racism, how the fuck did both you niggers become millionaires? Please explain that to me.

Sick of this whining. Especially from millionaire niggers. They have nothing to cry about and should just shut the fuck up.