I’ve been off the grid throughout much of the news cycle the past 48 hours and am just catching up on things. Obviously the news of the evil Zionist traitor John McCain kicking the bucket has dominated the news cycle for the past few days. The Jew news media and mainstream politicians have praised this horrible individual in a highly sickening display.

Donald Trump never got along with John McCain and for good reason. McCain sabotaged his attempt to repeal Obamacare and he routinely said all sorts of negative things about him. Even his farewell statement was aimed at attacking Trump and his supporters.

Upon McCain’s death, Trump issued the following statement.

But that wasn’t enough. He was criticized for not issuing a formal statement and criticized when the White House rose the flag from half staff the day after McCain’s death.

After the uproar, he issued a standard statement acknowledging McCain and ordered the flag lowered to half staff again until McCain was buried.

It’s possible he did this just to troll the media knowing that they’d make a big issue out of it. But why the hell should he be enthusiastic to honor a traitor like McCain? The fact that the Jews are praising him as the greatest American to ever live proves in of itself that he was an evil piece of shit.

None of this matters though, Trump’s brand of nationalist and populist politics has taken over the Republican party. All of the hoopla surrounding McCain’s death is irrelevant in the long term.

May McCain rot in hell alongside Barbara Bush.