The issue of bump stocks became a big deal after the Las Vegas shooting massacre a year ago. It is an accessory that allows someone to fire a semi-automatic machine gun almost like a fully automatic machine gun. Allegedly, this accessory is what helped kill and wound a large number of people in the massacre.

As a result of that incident, POTUS has decided to ban them. This is a stupid and unwarranted political decision and will only serve to alienate his base.


The Trump administration has banned the use of bump stocks, devices that let rifles fire like machine guns, after promising to do so earlier this year.

The final date to destroy or turn in the devices is 21 March, said White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

The push to ban bump stocks followed the deadly mass shootings in Las Vegas in October 2017 and Parkland, Florida in February.

Pro-gun advocates have said they are prepared to fight the rule in court.

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker signed the new regulation on Tuesday, and it is expected to be published in the Federal Register on Friday.

Bump stocks, or slide fire adapters, allow semi-automatic rifles to fire at a high rate, similar to a machine gun, but can be obtained without the extensive background checks required of purchasing automatic weapons.

Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock used a bump stock to fire rapidly into the crowd, killing 58 last year.

Following the Las Vegas shooting, lawmakers began discussing a ban on the devices.

But the thing is, we don’t even know exactly what happened in Las Vegas over a year ago. Investigators have provided no real explanation as to why that Stephen Paddock character wanted to shoot a bunch of people randomly. It is likely that he was setup as a patsy but at this point we’ll never know the truth.

Banning bump stocks serves no real purpose. It isn’t going to prevent future shootings from happening and it only frustrates Second Amendment purists like myself.

It’s total bullshit. Today was a day where POTUS put out lots of great tweets but his administration put forth some really shitty policies. Bump stock ban? $10.6 billion to Mexico and Central America? Why are agendas like this being given priority?

Where the fuck is my border wall and birthright citizenship ban? This is the type of shit I’d expect to see from Bush 43 and Barry Obama.